­čçž­čçĚ­čç║­čçŞ 10 of the most overrated in European soccer

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Overvaluation is part of the soccer market. Agents, media and the fans putting regular players in the same level as good ones, and very good ones in the same level as the great ones. Let’s take a look at some of the most overrated in European soccer (remember that someone overrated does not mean he’s bad, it just means that he’s not at the level many put them in).

Jose Mourinho

How do you not start with the portuguese? Someone who spends what he spends, at a club the size of Machester United, and plays such mediocre soccer with no creativity, can not be considered one of the best managers in the world.

He lives from past titles, and many think he’s excellent for what he did years ago, and not for what he does. His attitude leaves a lot to be desired, his tactical choices are poor and cowardly (especially on the big stages), and he puts his personal feelings ahead of the club.

Mourinho thinks that player development is not part of his job … he needs players that are ready. This fact is demonstrated by Rashford, who is more talented and was better than Sterling a year ago, but look at Guardiola’s work in Sterling’s development, who in this season has scored more goals than Lukaku in the Premier League.

Romelu Lukaku

Manchester United’s number 9 (the true current central for the overrated) is a good center forward, but not to lead the attack of a Manchester United that wants to return to being that giant – the recent past of the Red Devils has seen top goalscorers that include Van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Andy Cole, Cristiano Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy and others. Lukaku is not even close to such level … he’s not a big game player. The belgium scores goals, but very few against the big teams, on the big stages. He’s good, but nothing more than that.

Paris Saint-Germain

I’m not saying PSG is not a good team … I’m saying they’re not yet everything that many say they are (or used to say). The fact is that PSG goes through most of the season with no big challenges, which is why many ended up being mistaken, putting the french club among the European giants way too soon.

The appointment of Thomas Tuchel is interesting because he is an excellent tactician, but has a history of being ta kind of a controlling manager who goes head to head with players and the club’s directors.

Mesut Ozil

Yes, he’s an excellent passer of the ball, with a vision to make many envious on the field. However, I can’t put a player that plays one good game for every two or three bad ones at an elite level – and when he’s bad, he looks dead on the field … like in the Europa League semifinal second leg against Atletico Madrid.

Kylian Mbapp├ę

An undeniable talent, but many people already putting Mbapp├ę among the best attacking players in the world is a bit much. He will very likely become one of the best in the world in the near future, but it┬┤s clear that he still needs to evolve a lot. The fact that he plays in Ligue 1 does not help at all his development – it would be much more interesting for him to play in a Premier League or La Liga.

Hugo Lloris

For some reason, many consider Lloris one of the best goalkeepers in the world … I don’t get it. Just because he sometimes makes some excellent saves? So do more than half of the goalkeepers in the Premier League.

The problem is the french man’s inconsistency. He commits a lot of pretty horrible mistakes, like a couple of weeks ago against Chelsea. He’s not at the level of goalkeepers like Courtois, Navas, Ederson or Alisson … not to mention the level of guys like De Gea, Ter Stegen or Oblak.

Dele Alli

Mauricio Pochettinho recently challenged people to name a player under 21 better than Dele alli … where to begin? Oh, right here on this list – Mbapp├ę. There’s still Asensio, Gabriel Jesus, Demb├ęl├ę, Rashford and a few others.

Dele Alli has got talent, but he doesn’t create or score enough to be placed in such a high level.

Marco Verratti

He was seen as the new Pirlo three years ago, with everyone thinking the Italian would develop in the following years, hone a few aspects of his game and improve his attitude on the field. Today Verratti is 25 years old and is far from being one of the great midfielders in European soccer.

He’s honed almost nothing, and continues getting numerous idiotic cards (the red card against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 is a prime example).

Antonio Conte

Conte’s work in his first season at Chelsea was sensational, but in the first in which he had the Champions League to worry about, he was really bad – fifth in the Premier League and fell in the round of 16 of the Champions League.

And he is the biggest culprit for that, after all he’s the one who basically fired top goalscorer Diego Costa (and by text message!), and he chose to play practically the first half of this season with Pedro in the starting eleven and Willian on the bench. He also changed his backline, which Chelsea’s strong point last season (what he’s done with David Luiz is, at least, very strange). He decided to play many games with Hazard or even Pedro as a “false 9”. These are decisions that took Chelsea out of next season’s UEFA Champions League.

Many point to his work at Juventus, but that was in a period in which Serie A was very weak (so much so that Juve did nothing in the Champions League).

Alexis Sanchez

I didn’t really understand the fight for the Chilean, but understood perfectly when City dropped out of the transaction. After all, paying ┬ú450 thousand a week for Sanchez (between salary and image rights) is borderling insane1 – it’s almost double what any other Manchester United player and more than any City player (he’s not the best player in United and wouldn’t be at City).

Sanchez is a very good forward, but nothinhg more than that. He’s not at the level of De Bruyne, Harry Kane, De Gea, Aguero, Hazard, and other Premier League greats.

Sanchez ├ę um bom atacante, mas nada mais do que isso. N├úo est├í no patamar de um De Bruyne, Harry Kane, Salah, De Gea, Aguero, Hazard, e outros craques da Premier League.

Do you agree? Who’s missing. Who should be on the list?

Till next time …

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